Safety At InServ

InServ is firmly committed to the safety, health, and wellbeing of our employees, employees of our clients, employees of contractors we work alongside, and the environment within which we all live.

We believe that “Zero Accidents and Incidents” is the primary goal for every day we work. Through education, planning, communication, and teamwork, we seek to instill in every employee the knowledge required and the expectation necessary to achieve this goal.

We’re committed to a culture of safety.

We take a coaching, caring, and collaborative approach to training in order to create a safety culture that defines who we are and how we work. This culture unites us with our clients and with other contractors on the job, creating the safest possible work environment.

InServ utilizes drug & alcohol testing to help administer our safety policy. These tests include applicant employment testing, post-accident testing, for-cause testing, random testing, background checks and more. 


OSHA 10-hour

-all employees.

OSHA 30-hour

-all superintendents.

InServ Safety Program

-all employees.

InServ HazCom Program

- all employees

Risk assessment and hazard identification

- all employees


- electrical crews


-pharmaceutical workers

Tool inspection

-all employees

Equipment inspection

-all employees

Client safety training

-by location (jobsite)

Sharing In The Responsibility

From executives instilling a strong safety culture, to the superintendent who leads the way to the project coordinator helping trade partners understand our safety practices, we all contribute to the success of InServ’s safety program.

Safety Spotlight